Cha​-​Ching [ft. DJ Hustle, Katy Carmichael]

by Legendary Zeroes



Cha-Ching is the debut track by Legendary Zeroes. Read more at



Do you hear that cha-ching?
That's the sound of me walking
I got more juju in my pocket
than brains in Stephen Hawking
I got my mind on nothing
And the money comes flying
I've got more star power
Than the belt on Orion

Do you hear that Cha Ching?
That's the sound of my hustle
I've got Casanova charm
And Hercules muscle
And when the bills start raining
Pump my hands in the air
‘Cause I’m ballin’ so hard
I can pay not to care

Here I go cha-ching
Gonna flow cha-ching
Poppin' low cha-ching
(Girls) Cha-Ching
Can’t stop cha-ching
On top cha-ching
Jack pot cha-ching
(Girls) Cha-Ching

When I'm stepping up to play
Cha Ching
When I'm sweeping every game
Cha Ching
nothing in my way
Cha Ching
When I wake up every day
Cha Ching

Do you hear that Cha Ching
That's the sound of my swagger
I've got more paparazzi
than Kanye's doppleganger
And when the spotlight's shining
I be flashing my style
I walk the runway straight
To the miracle mile

Do you hear that Cha Ching
There ain't no sound that's better
I'm a Jet set, high bet
Power go getter
I got the ocean view suite
got the best box seats
High fivin’ all the playas ‘cause I own the team

Words by Ellen Tift & Marty Lamain
Music by Carter Harrell & Ellen Tift


released January 23, 2017
Produced by Ellen Tift
Co-Produced by Marty Lamain and Carter Harrell
Words by Ellen Tift and Marty Lamain
Music by Ellen Tift and Carter Harrell


all rights reserved



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